Camilla Hardie Update

September 23, 2016 James Evans

“This week has been very quiet on the horse front, as we allowed ourselves a night out, only my 3rd weekend off this year! Dougal and I did however go on a fun ride which is 2 miles down the road, and on such a beautiful day it would be rude not too. He is the only horse I have sensible enough to enjoy such things and he jig-jogged the majority. It’s a super fun ride as mostly all on grass cow pasture and allowing plenty of fitness improving canters, in some lovely Shropshire scenery. 

This week also signalled a visit by the saddler, so I dragged in Bailey who has been turned out for 3 weeks now. I am pleased to see his withers have come up somewhat at the front and he has filled out a little. He’s definitely a slow grower this one, but it would seem Youngstock supplement is helping support his growth and he finally looks a little more horsey. Going to pop him back in the field for a few more weeks and another month of Youngstock to see if he’ll stop growing! Here’s a photo of Bailey disguised as a zebra and my old eventer wondering who the imposter is! Milo is 17.2hh so Bailey still looks small next to him!”



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