RigCalm testimional: Natasha and Zak

July 28, 2014 Sarah

“I use RigCalm every spring/early summer for my cob. Feeding Zak with RigCalm during spring/early summer keeps his excitable tendencies stable. It works fabulously as a calmer and keeps him focused. It is a fantastic product!” Natasha Hill      

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Seaweed sourced from Scotland

July 3, 2014 Richard Martin

Q. Where is Global Herbs Seaweed grown? A. Our organic seaweed is grown in the North Atlantic in the Western Isles of Scotland and is processed locally on North Uist. The seaweed is harvested by hand, in a traditional manner. Skilled Harvesters, work at low tide and lay out a circle of rope over the area of seaweed […]

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Find out about our Flax Oil

July 3, 2014 Richard Martin

Q. Where does your Flax Oil come from? A. Our Flax Oil is cold pressed, just like the finest olive oils, thus retaining the best nutritional value as well as flavour and is grown in Wetherby, Yorkshire by Nigel and Grace Liddle, along with their two daughters who are the third generation on a mixed […]

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