FriskyMare testimonial: Louise Cumberland and Millie

February 28, 2014 Sarah

“I bought my mare Millie a year ago, she is a 15hh coloured cob, very pretty with nice paces but needed a bit of bringing on. As soon as I got her I realised I had an issue with her moods and went through the usual to eliminate any problems – saddle, back shoes teeth etc. […]

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SuperCalm Instant review: Nicky Blythe and Ted

February 26, 2014 Richard Martin

Samantha Parsons from TCS Country Supplies wrote in after recommending SuperCalm Instant to Nicky Blythe for her pony Ted. Ted is an Exmoor pony, ridden by Nicky’s five year old son, Henry. Samantha explained: “The little pony [Ted] is well behaved at home but is only young. This year has seen them start to go to some […]

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Old Age review: Isobel and Sleek Horsewear’s Cher

February 21, 2014 Richard Martin

  “Sleek Horsewear’s Cher was bought out of retirement three months ago as it didn’t suit her. Since then we’ve been on Global Herbs Old Age supplement. She is 29 years young and we have just completed our first hunter trials in 15 years, tanking home in second place a mere 40th of a second behind […]

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Sarc- Ex testimonial: Rhean Peters and Wizard

February 14, 2014 Sarah

  “I recently purchased my absolutely stunning Warmblood gelding Wizard.  Like many horses, he wasn’t perfect and I was advised by a number of people not to buy him despite his huge amounts of talent and potential. Not being one to generally listen to opinions I bought my boy anyway and immediately put him on Sarc-Ex […]

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SuperCalm testimonial: Stephanie Brisley and Cindy

February 13, 2014 Sarah

Stephanie got in touch with us after using SuperCalm and Acid-X on her 21 year old pony, Cindy. Stephanie said: “I would like to say that I use your products regularly and I really love them. Acid-X helped support my horse no end and the SuperCalm has made it possible to maintain my nightmare of a […]

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ShakeFree review: Felicity Sparkes and Izzy

February 11, 2014 Richard Martin

“I have a 16.3hh, Warmblood, chestnut gelding called Izzy who used to be so inconsistent in his head in the warmer months, he was almost unrideable. All this greatly impacted my dressage test results I would always get comments saying “tense horse” “unsteady in contact” etc.  I have tried all sorts of options over the […]

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MoveFree Plus review: Lizzie Reid

February 3, 2014 Sarah

  Lizzie Reid got in touch with the GH team after using MoveFree Plus on her horse. “I just wanted to drop you an email to say how impressed I have been with the results I’ve seen with using your MoveFree Plus supplement.  I’m a retail assistant at R&R Country in Selby and have always […]

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