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Palm Oil Free Molasses Free

Restore Powder is the ultimate fast conditioner, liver tonic and 'pick-me-up' immune supplement. Results can regularly be seen within a very short timeframe.  The formula helps to cleanse your horse by supporting the whole digestive system.  Specific liver tonic herbs target the liver and whole metabolism to give your horse a 'competitive edge'. This quick-acting formula helps to maintain peak condition, support efficient digestion and bring out natural shine and colour.

Restore can be effectively used at the change of seasons - 4 times yearly, smoothing adaption to new temperatures and weather conditions whilst providing a much needed detox.

Restore can be thus used in quick courses or long term if the need arises.

Suitable for all horses and ponies. (Not recommended for mares in foal or foals under 6 months).


  1. Quick pick-me-up
  2. At any time for conditioning and fitness.
  3. For specific concerns with the liver
  4. For a regulary detox at change of seasons
  5. As a general effective immune tonic
  6. For puffy legs
  7. For regular help with flexibility
  8. To assist with digestion of feed
  9. As a general tonic in horses that 'need help'
  10. With GlobalVite for horses in poor condition.


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  • An immune tonic providing quick support
  • Strong liver and digestive support.
  • Quick conditioning action supporting coat colour and shine
  • Improves utilisation of feed and other supplements


  • Creat
  • Gale of the Wind
  • Milk Thistle


Makoi, Creat, Gale of the Wind, Hay, Soybean meal, Boehaavia Diffusa, Horseradish, Milk Thistle.


Feed 2x25ml scoops twice daily for an average 500kg horse. Reduce to half this amount for maintenance levels. Restore can be fed throughout the year.


“I can’t recommend them highly enough. I feed her many of your products and she has always done amazingly well on them, but the fact she has responded so quickly after the Restore and ImmuPlus has stunned me. I’m just over the moon to have my 30 year old lady back to herself again!!!”


Edna & Blossom

“Olivia age 10,  competes across all equestrian disciplines with her two ponies, specialising in dressage. In 2013, Olivia won the National Dressage under 21's talent spotting championship, represented the Northern England regional teams for British Dressage at both the inter-regionals and the British under 25 Championships. In 2014, Olivia has already been awarded Fledgling Champion for British Dressage Northern England and she came first and second at the Fledgling Championships having taken both her ponies. Olivia is aiming in 2014 to again be selected for the inter-regionals and also to be considered to represent England at the 2014 BYRDS. Olivia has Twylands Tiffin and her other pony Holyoake River Phoenix competes in dressage, eventing and show jumping with her. Both ponies are fed Global Herbs Restore every three months and are also regularly on MoveFree too. People often comment how well the ponies look, their physical condition and coat shine stands out and we always refer them to go and buy a bottle of Restore which I fully believe is the reason they both look so well. Tiffin is 14 and River Phoenix is 17 years old; no one would know the ponies are this age as they look so fantastic on the products.”


Nikki Whitelaw

"My lovely gelding is 17 years young and I have always struggled to help him gain condition and keep it on. I have had him for 13 months and this is the best he has ever looked!

I believe Restore has helped to maintain the normal function of his liver, and with that he's been able to digest his meals in the way nature intended, allowing him to gain condition. His coat is so soft and he appears to have much more energy after a 1ltr course of Restore.  It was recommend to me by my yard owner where I livery, I swear by the stuff and will use it every quarter."


Eva Boyle

"My 19 year old thoroughbred gelding has had a rough past and as a result he needs help with his digestive system. I have just run a course of Restore through him and am very happy. He comes trotting down the field to see me looking like he is floating and we recently placed 3rd out of 15 in a dressage competition.

His bowels are comfortable and he is successfully living out 24/7 without any gas build up in his hindgut. His movement is great and he is a lot less stiff, as well as him shedding his summer coat a lot quicker than he usually does. He is a lot happier to be groomed and has stopped trying to bite me when I brush near his tummy. So, thanks for this wonderful product!"


Jess Johnston

"I wanted to say thank you for the amazing results that Restore has had on my horses. After just two days on a high level of Restore my 8yr old TB was behaving more like his cheeky self! You have to use it to believe the massive difference that it can make to your horse. This product is now part of my feeding routine prior to winter and coming into the spring. It really helps maintain their wellbeing and their coat condition. I use Restore for my horse and donkeys and my horse Trooper is on Alphabute all the time for his joints and I would highly recommend your products to anyone."


Lucy Makepeace

Zoe started using Restore liquid and ImmuPlus on Todd, a 17hh, 13 year old TB ex-racehorse, after phoning the advice team. Todd had lost lots of condition and looked poor. Zoe said: "After one course of Restore, everyone says how great he looks and he is competing in the Trailblazers dressage league. Todd is also fed FlyFree which he could not live without during the summer months! Before using FlyFree he used to hate fly bites and always had flies around him."


Zoe Linford

"My pony was suffering with a long coat, was lethargic and generally not in good condition. This was heart breaking because I have had her since she was born. With nothing to lose I rang Stephen (GH vet) and a couple of day's later Restore arrived. Well what can I say.. my pony was 33 in May and still looks a picture of health. Five years ago, I had to make the biggest decision of my life regarding my beloved pony. She had to have an operation on her eye and after phoning Stephen again, she was also put on ImmuPlus. Combined with the Restore, she went through the operation like a youngster. No one at the vets could believe her determination and how quickly she recovered. All thanks to Global Herbs would be my reply to anyone who stood looking at her in amazement. I hope to have my 33 years young pony for many more years and will continue to use Global Herbs throughout the rest of her life."


Mandy Pickering

"Restore liquid was amazing for my horse after the vet said he needed some real alternative help. He was amazed by his recovery and wants to order some. My friends are so impressed with your products they too want to make an order."


Nadin Hoy

"Just a quick note to say how impressed I am with your products, particularly the Restore liquid which I am currently using to great effect on a New Forest youngster who has had a tough time of late and needed support."


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